Maximise your health & minimise disease

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Receive 1½ to 2+ hours of specialised Ayurveda treatment for 2 to 4 times per day (for 6 or 14+ days) • Ayurvedic medicines • Resort accommodation with private swimming pool in double or twin share beds with modern ensuite and a/c • Nutrition & Meal Plans suited to your Dosha type • Detailed Consultation with one of our Ayurveda Doctors and Dosha diagnosis • optional yoga classes • optional meditation classes with Alison • amazing escorted tourist trips • Ayurveda cooking classes • Child care services (with Alison on Group Holidays).

RESORTS : Choose from 1 of our 3 Resorts

Download Itineraries and prices: Example rates: $600 (Single) for 8 Day Personalised Holiday (Option 1). $2051 (pp couple/twin share) for a 15 day Personalised Holiday (Option 2) or Option 3 is $1975 (pp couple/twin share).

GROUP HOLIDAY DATES ANNOUNCED: Come on a holiday with Alison Jose from 22nd January 2015.
Example rates: Stay 8 days $1290 or stay 17 days for $2315 (pp couple/twin share).

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

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The goal of Ayurveda is disease prevention and anti-aging, so once you've had your Dosha's re-balanced through Ayurveda treatment and medicines, Alison will work with you and your Ayurveda Doctor to create a customised Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan.

So what is your personal health goal? Seeking help for a particular disease or illness? To lose Weight and regain your health? To integrate wellness to minimise future disease? That is also my goal for you.

(above photo) Alison's before & after photos.
Read about Alison's amazing results following a 14 day Panchakarma treatment with 2+ hours of massage and specialised treatment per day using herbal medicated oils, drinking Ayurveda herbal medicines, eating beautiful fresh food plus poolside rest and relaxation.

3 ways to come on a Prana Healing Holiday

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#2 Enter to win a free holiday gift
#3 Bring 9 other people & come for free or receive cash for referrals

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Available dates

Personalised Holiday:
8 or 17 day Personal holidays are available between 1st September and end of March to mid April (start of Monsoon).

Join a Group Holiday:
Commencing January 29th, 2014 Alison will facilitate a Group Holiday for all to join. Stay for either 8 days or 17 days. Download a Group Holiday Plan from one of the three Resorts choices for details.

Create a Group Holiday:
Bring together a group of friends, family or like-minded strangers to create an 8 or 17 day Group Holiday facilitated by Alison. Available between mid January and end of March. Dates outside this time may be possible (book 9 other people and you come for free).